Kelly Grace Thomas

THE RING-TAILED LEMUR THAT SMELLS THE WORST IS IN CHARGE OF THE ENTIRE GROUP During face-the male odors himselfto victory.Rubs...
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Re: Word: Ocean Vuong

a coin of light appears / & you get to look in, for once, // on happiness. The eye / staring back from the other side—

Stevie Edwards

I keep saying this isn’t even my death / to grieve, really, / and grieve a little more.

Metta Sama

Then, I thought of the second time I almost died, the doctor who saved my sunken toe from its final tag. I wonder how my father is coping, a beer in one hand & an appointment in another.

Jonterri Gadson

Holy bed, twin & tiny, teach me / how to be firm with his body, / but to yield for his spirit, / give me something to carry home...

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