Hana Andronikova

  THE SOUND OF THE SUNDIAL     The Sound of the Sundial A novel by Hana Andronikova Edited and Adapted by Rachel Miranda...
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Bistra Choleva-Laleva

It’s strange, the place we call home—is it where we grew up or where we live at the moment?

Diana Petrova

This guy was probably making at least five times as much money as me. And yet, he was acting like a wimp. I think that was the moment I decided that this was a client worth keeping.

Re: Word: Cristina Peri Rossi

Such was life. A frenzy, some saint or poet had said: with two whiskeys of even the worst make, any poet was a saint, or vice versa. She didn’t seem too disconcerted. Not all men start from the same place, although they always end up in the same position.

Re: Word: Anna Akhmatova

As for memories, they have three parts— / the first is only yesterday / when laughter is still heard, but our cheeks / are wet— this part doesn’t last long. / ....

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