Is it possible to thrive while sick? To live large not in spite of one’s illness but because of it? Japanese artist Kusama Yayoi voluntarily...
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Naomi Huan

your father loves us / too much / for flowers / she said

Michael Gould

my father used to tell me // of how Monk had once created / the most beautiful two seconds of music // my father had ever heard, by accident

Amy Gerstler

the widower chugs Elijah’s wine / no sense letting it go to waste / it tastes like dirt from the cellar floor / like tree bark like the inside / of a woman’s mouth / Elijah lived a mysterious life / raised the dead / brought fire from the sky / foretold people’s fates / was taken up in a whirlwind / and reached the quiet stars

Amy Gerstler

I pet baby mammoth’s roasted / hide, unfold hairy ear-flap still / stuck to skull and whisper into it. / Later, take chips of burnt sticks, / spit, plus mammoth fat, mix / in cup of hand and use paste / make to sketch young mammoth / on shadow wall. /

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