Elizabeth Tannen

  BEHOLD: THE INEXORABLE PROBLEMA OF MODERN LOVE   contained tonight in the space between two strange thirty-somethings at a sushi...
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Elizabeth Tannen

Flying into Denver was the worst.

D. Gilson

Ahoj, HIV negative? My lady wife do not mind...

Sophie Klahr

I can imagine the baby pooling away from me / like smoke, imagine the doctors soft as birds / beating their wings, murmuring, guiding the dark plume / / into a bucket. Into a bag. Then afterwards, smoothing / a sheet over me.

D. Gilson

In only two days, you told four million / people to, quote, Leave Britney alone, / via video stream from your grandma’s home / in Bristol, Great Smokey mountain town...

Jennine Capo Crucet

Perhaps the new problem begins with the word goddamn, which he says loudly and in front of the whole youth group, which ranges in age from thirteen to nineteen and in life experience from never-been-kissed to recently rereleased from the Dade County Juvenile Detention Center.

L.S. McKee

An unsmashed window. It arrived / cumbersome and clear. My father stumbling under its weight: / the veins of his forehead like lightning as the house shook / from its last silence.

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