Bradley Paul

  THIS AND EVERY ELECTION   It rained, and I almost saw my grandmother’s wooden walls swelled in their every cell by...
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Charlie Clark

One thing about fire, / even the slightest / tongue will seek / another to burn.

Diane Kirsten Martin

days are short / the path unspooled / longer than the one / wound up

Bradley Paul

Something about this room is off. / The timbre of its air. / The flavor of its existence.

Clare Banks

There’s no room here for waiting. It’s not loss / I sense, or fear’s remission. Not absence, / heat or order failing. It’s hunger, say, / or want — a revision of months, this whole / year.

Katy Didden

You can’t shake the thought that things / were better before the blast— / the slope gradual, the soil / concealing your knottiness. // Each rude train renews your ire— / a fire branching through your brain— / until you hate the fire more / than the trains ....

Terence Winch

We have had enough of your hands / and arms, your shoulders that have // more screws in them, more knots / and gnarls than the floorboards. // Now they want to suck the fat / out of your belly and inject it into // your sagging brain.

Charlie Clark

When he steps into the theater / it doesn’t matter that it burned / down in nineteen sixty-three / and no one ever tried to rebuild it / ...

Bradley Paul

I’m rooting for Belgium / because of their fries. / No, I’m rooting for Slovenia / because of their statues of poets. / No, I’m rooting for Deutschland / because of käsekuchen. / No, I’m rooting for Italy / because Il Corriere loves American TV. ....

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