Sarah Rose Haughn

COMPANION SPECIES Every day down the same road toward Jinja Town the dog rides next to the aid worker in the company Land Rover....
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A BRIEF NOTE ON THE LIST The below is a partial list of poetry, fiction and non-fiction contributors to B O D Y since 2012. The authors are sorted alphabetically by...

Peter Karpinsky

“Don’t come near me!” she shrieked again and snatched up a knife from the table. She waved it in front of her like a medieval knight and then aimed its point at the man’s heart. “And now tell me the truth, who are you really and what are you looking for?”

Jen Metcalf

Even my flat doesn’t think I should be here, Luca. It tipped up really badly again last night. Over the ocean, it's so scary. I was in the kitchen, watching to see if tonight would be his fire, and then in the dark everything came rushing into my head like it does. The flat slid down fast and slammed me against the back wall.

Petr Borkovec

They’re sawing through the plane trees near Place Sainte-Catherine. 5 a.m., darkness, drizzle and not a soul about (neither on the street nor at windows) - just a three-man team working through the tree-tops.

Patrick Michael Finn

SHITTY SHEILA   Dawn broke through the dark and soon the sky was white, an enraged morning that burned over the woman who hadn’t even noticed the new light...

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