Is it possible to thrive while sick? To live large not in spite of one’s illness but because of it? Japanese artist Kusama Yayoi voluntarily...
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Willie Davis

An excerpt from Willie Davis's forthcoming novel, "Nightwolf"

Elizabeth Tannen

Flying into Denver was the worst.

Sonya Lea

Still, she knew she would get on the bus. Like Innana, the goddess of sex and war, the goddess who had been turned into a corpse by her dark sister in the Underworld, the goddess who had been hung out to dry like meat, Rachel had no way to get off the hook.

Hubert Klimko-Dobrzaniecki

I stare at the electrified Poseidon, I stare at him imploringly because I don’t know what he wants. I haven’t the faintest idea of what has got into his head. And my Father the revolutionary, the guerrilla, clutches his ear, forms it into a trumpet with his hand and aims it at a sound I am only now beginning to hear.

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