Michael Mark

  ALL TODAY I LIVED   without my glasses. They lay on my night stand, smudged, staring up. My fingers traced photographs, their...
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Christeene Alcosiba

A starved dog returns to her vomit, / Not from need, but desire.

Stevie Edwards

I keep saying this isn’t even my death / to grieve, really, / and grieve a little more.

Claire Wahmanholm

The root of bless / is blood

Janice D. Soderling

Once. Then twice. Again. / When we walked on, / voices, / distant and indistinct, drifted back, / breaking across / the unspoiled face of the snow. Stig's voice, / and Anna's, and the others, singing.

Re: Word: francine j. harris

And this is how it goes with dumb chicks, right? They rattle on about silly shit / and don’t even think before they speak. They say the first stupid cluck of a thing / that comes to their tongues, right?

Richard Prins

Hiroshima's children send them back. / Your ancestor had beautiful thoughts in his brain: / Five generals, gathered in the gallery, blowing / America. I forgive you.

Re: Word: Phil Shils

what is teakettle? / he's a major motherfucker

Phil Shils

SENIOR CAT   what is teakettle? he's a major motherfucker I ask my wife again what is teakettle? she says "I won't say it" I say say it or I...

francine j. harris

suicide note #3: instructions on the cat dear landlord, open the storm windows so he can look down into the yard where a young man practices...

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