Rachel Custer

SONG   A woman alone in the boat of a man. A woman a moan in the throat of a man. Brief stone afloat in the moat of a man. Secret sewn...
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Mathias Nelson

I insulted him. / He looked like a crazy Italian fish. / He looked like a sausage lipped piranha. / He looked like a hitman for the mob / and I insulted him.

Francesca Bell

On Linkedin, I see you soldiered some again, / and I imagine you running in the Iraq desert dusk. / When we were young, you sent a tiny, Korean flower / from your base, pressed between two slips of paper you left blank...

Christeene Alcosiba

“Sand is nothing but the pummeled skeletons of dead sea creatures.” / No mystery why children and the terminally depressed like to crush it in their hands...

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