Laura Kasischke

  CANTO ONE   Halfway. A dark closet opened. Cables that should have been buried, lying, instead, on the lawn. And then a...
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B O D Y 2012 Pushcart Prize Nominations

B O D Y is delighted to announce our 2012 Pushcart Prize Nominations

Keith Driver

Everyone was writing a novel that started, "I was born and it was Tuesday and these / things stayed true for the rest of my life." / Everyone was helping her parents fall in love in the distant past

Carol Frost

Night begins to summon up its laws / and beauties nothing makes. / But I remember sun hammer, / cattle mullet, boat ploughing

Corey Mesler

My father is still dying. / His death is emergent. / Every day we check / the fields for new / shoots, new growth.

francine j. harris

suicide note #3: instructions on the cat dear landlord, open the storm windows so he can look down into the yard where a young man practices...

Mark Terrill

THE WHITE CITY   A grainy sequence in uncertain light somewhere down by the harbor looking through a dirty hotel window into a sullen overcast...

Fiction: francine j. harris

Dr. Gaffy and John   “Hello, John. Please come in. Do have a seat. Thank you, my friend. May I take your coat. Fine, fine. And can I offer you coffee or tea...

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