Central European Short Story Issue

When the countries of Central Europe emerged from the dominion of emperors, kings and foreign powers the independence they achieved turned out...
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Mark Terrill

who knows maybe we’re all going to make it & pull through & get beyond it all but certainly not without the help of someone else who really & truly gives a shit

Mark Terrill

Fucked up that the loved ones / all have to go and even more so / the way they have to do it—

Mark Terrill

360-degree Hieronymus-Bosch-panoramas of / Altamont Speedway at night lodged in the memory / worth more than a drawer full of rotten apples.

Ryan Scott

What no one mentioned was the moment when we disbanded – how we all broke our freeze at the same time – like we had come up for air at once or had woken from the same dream together.

M. Henderson Ellis

  KEEPING BEDLAM AT BAY IN THE PRAGUE CAFÉ (an excerpt) Not long ago, John Shirting--quiet young Chicagoan, wizard of self-medication--held down a beloved...

Richard Toth

All right here’s one for you. This one comes from my mother’s cousin who lives up in New England. Don’t ask me why.

Deaths of the Artists: Anton Webern in Twelve Tones

"Anton Webern was killed on September 15, 1945 in Mittersill, Austria. For a long time no one knew the exact circumstances of the great composer’s death and the musical world more or less accepted the mystery. Then, musicologist Hans Moldenhauer carried out an investigation that took in the US Army’s own account of events. "

Jim Freeman

“Get us there, Frank and then cruise around the back roads for a while. I want to get a feel for the country. This guy chases foxes with dogs, you know that, Frank?”

Siegfried Mortkowitz

when young the body is a well of pleasure when you are old / it is a sack of pains and you begin to learn the names / of over-the-counter drugs you carry them in your pockets / the pills and creams and ointments and capsules / lidocaine ibuprofen acetaminophen paracetamol /

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