Susan Browne

JUST LIVING   I didn’t have time to masturbate this morning. It’s right there at the top of my To-Do List, but I have way too many...
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Autumn McClintock

I won’t come to the end / but will stop where the key fits the lock, // the strong box: a strapped sheath of letters, / a woolen cap and whatever I didn’t ill spend. // Let us give thanks.

Adrian Blevins

they sit in the slack afterword in lawn chairs / talking among themselves in opposition to breast milk / while spewing out the real American purposes of tits / & jobs & roads & banks & saying but not saying / but still thinking & thus saying in puffed-out / little code utterances how it all belongs to them— / the women for their beds & kitchens & the jobs / for their pockets & banks & the rivers for their dioxins...

Tadeusz Dąbrowski

Those who have spent / all their money go trailing about for days / on end and die of exhaustion. Discreet / services collect the bodies before anyone has time / to notice them. How do I know about this? I don’t.

Re: Word: francine j. harris

And this is how it goes with dumb chicks, right? They rattle on about silly shit / and don’t even think before they speak. They say the first stupid cluck of a thing / that comes to their tongues, right?

Sophie Klahr

I can imagine the baby pooling away from me / like smoke, imagine the doctors soft as birds / beating their wings, murmuring, guiding the dark plume / / into a bucket. Into a bag. Then afterwards, smoothing / a sheet over me.

Jennine Capó Crucet

Perhaps the new problem begins with the word goddamn, which he says loudly and in front of the whole youth group, which ranges in age from thirteen to nineteen and in life experience from never-been-kissed to recently rereleased from the Dade County Juvenile Detention Center.

francine j. harris

suicide note #3: instructions on the cat dear landlord, open the storm windows so he can look down into the yard where a young man practices...

Fiction: francine j. harris

Dr. Gaffy and John   “Hello, John. Please come in. Do have a seat. Thank you, my friend. May I take your coat. Fine, fine. And can I offer you coffee or tea...

Chard DeNiord

I fell with nothing to / slow my fall except my / body. Enough to save / me for now, I thought / in the blue from which / my second thoughts / emerged as true.

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