Daniel Sluman

  THE REALISATION   no New York-skyline-moment no dark fumblings smashed pale with ecstasy on the sofa no violets in the morning...
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Alistair Noon

The old man in the next door flat, / brownshirt, turned Christian Democrat, / then Social. Oh he drank drank drank. / But his bedroom sink always stank...

Jo Bell

Men, believe me. If in doubt just / look her in the eye and say I want to fuck you...

Bobby Parker

I tell cats on the street, 'Hey kitty, she swallowed my cum!' / I told the shy Indian woman in the corner shop, 'Do not be afraid, / for she swallowed my cum!' I even told my mum...

Daniel Sluman

the slow percussion / of horror starting to tremble & shake / the chairs the thick floorboards wept / the roof dreamt its only dream...

Daniel Sluman

You reel her into your arms / like the most beautiful fish / promises burning through / the bones you suck / peppermint from her tongue / & pull her hard into the linen / of your jacket her lashes curl / & you clench tight can smell / the lake in her hair as her childhood / starts to wind itself up

Mario Petrucci

& / what is really / so? this // body / alone in its cells or / your // curve / subtle in dawn & duvet

Osip Mandelstam

Peace – that word we deleted / at the start of an injured age, / that lamp in the depths of a cave, / the air in the Alps – is now ether; / an ether we were neither willing / nor even able to breathe.

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