Jan Balaban

  CEDAR AND HAMMER   “Who’s going for a smoke?” a nurse called down the corridor of the psychiatric ward. Of all the patients...
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Milan Dezinsky

We are not approaching our end, / but from ultimate emptiness / the end is hurtling towards us.

The Czech Issue

Over the course of November, B O D Y will introduce you to some of the most noteworthy poets and prose writers writing in the Czech Republic today.

Jana Kotaishova

There were eight of us children, and father and mother. We were a big family. A shepherd also worked for us, and women came from the neighborhood daily, two or three of them as necessary, to help mother with the milking. We had a lot of cows.

Milan Dezinsky

This moment is only a delay: / tomatoes, / waiting blankly at the executioner’s block, / on the verge of exploding and sourly burning / the impression of morning, scorching the light, / burning the face. / Victorious tomatoes.

Tomáš Zmeškal

And the world cruelly spins on without blushing. And at the end of the report there’s a postscript: It is necessary to repeat the experiment, evil must be controlled.

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