Justin Lacour

THE BIG SKY About twenty years ago, I was at a party at some guy’s house.  A circle of us were in the kitchen, cheering on two guys....
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Emily Jaeger

a petrified man sliding backwards, towards us in his useless van—the army jeeps crawling towards refugee camps abandoned in the storm. We're not here to witness them.

Emily Bludworth de Barrios

My pregnancy / was a long and happy nightmare // During which I ate / pint-sized tubs of ice cream and walked around the block // Becoming more tubby and unwieldy...

Francesca Bell

On Linkedin, I see you soldiered some again, / and I imagine you running in the Iraq desert dusk. / When we were young, you sent a tiny, Korean flower / from your base, pressed between two slips of paper you left blank...

Joshua Weiner

"To Disturb Profoundly the Senses" - a deconstructed appropriation of material from the so-called "Torture Memos" penned by the Bush Six at the Office of Legal Counsel

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