Kimberly O’Connor

  KALI KALI KALI   for Clayton Lockett, died April 29, 2014 for J.V. Brown, died March 7, 2014 for Iris, who was never...
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Nora Hickey

My grandpa has a pillbox. It’s an old gun – six white bullets in the chambers. 8 AM: bam bam bam.

Nora Hickey friend and I pressed on; we were noticing how things had to be in symphony to really shatter you. The bleed of the sun was pretty enough, but then some flight of birds would unfold and scatter over the river. We were good friends but still had to keep some feelings to ourselves. It was the sorest part of the day.

Daniil Kharms

Because of me, Marina Petrovna turned completely bald – bald like a baby’s bottom. It happened like this: I went over to visit Marina Petrovna, and bang! she lost all her hair. And that was that.

Bill Rasmovicz

Thankfully, you don’t have to think about / putting on pants to go to the grocery store, though / sometimes you wish you knew a foreign language / so no one could understand.

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