Matthew Olzmann. Photo by Margarita Corporan

Matthew Olzmann

BEFORE WE GO ANY FURTHER, I WANT TO PUBLICLY ACKNOWLEDGE that I love every person in this room. I mean it.We’ve traveled from all over...
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Friday Pick: Matthew Olzmann’s “Mezzanines”

Olzmann's big-hearted and often Yoda-like poems speak in a softly conversational tone, imparting intimacies, wisdom, and these are love letters to the world but a world he doesn't fully trust.

Friday Pick: Spring Reads

This Friday, we offer a round up a few books that have either just come out or are about to come out that we're really looking forward to reading.

Matthew Olzmann

“NOTHING GETS THROUGH TO YOU, JACKASS”   When Catullus says it, it sounds more eloquent than when I say it: Nothing gets through to you, jackass. When...

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