Josef Winkler

  NATURA MORTA (selected excerpts) White peaches, red broom, pomegranates tumbling down the escalator steps: with these delicately...
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Ondrej Buddeus 4th grade I endured a field trip to Prachovské // skály and the Rwanda genocide. After / transferring to a language school the / Yugoslav Wars took place. When I / attended dancing lessons, they demolished // the World Trade Center, / attacked The Pentagon and compromised / global security....

Ondrej Buddeus

"if he drove early in the morning to work and a truck smashed into him / he touched wires fallen on the ground / he fell over the rails of a ferry and no one noticed / if water ran out in his native village fourteen days before / and humanitarian workers never showed up / if he went for a swim off the Australian shores and got caressed / by a box jellyfish..."

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