Eva Peterfy-Novak

  MOSCOW II.   Read part one of Moscow here   I’m sitting on the toilet staring at the pink bathroom. The reason it’s...
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Daniel Levente Pal

Here, in just a few square kilometers, you can find everything that defines our Europe, the old one and the new.

Eva Peterfy-Novak

By the time I reach the café, I manage to wipe the grin off my face somewhat; it’s not right, forcing some desperate woman to see how happy I am.

Vilmos Csanyi

St Teresa of Ávila was a strong, wilful woman. After her death her enormous popularity led to this humble, handsome, splendid Spanish virgin from a noble family being transmuted by church dignitaries and bureaucrats into a plaster saint.

Sandor Jaszberenyi

“It’s a really tough decision,” she said with a laugh. “I like your mouth but the Hungarian’s eyes. They are like broken glass.”

Friday Pick: The Odyssey Of Samuel Glass

Anglo-Jewish poet Bernard Kops, in his great new Holocaust novel steeped in rhythms and rhyme, tells a fantastic and entirely believable tale with warmth, humor, empathy and depth. The text pulsates like the finest fictions from the immortal pen of Isaac Babel. It also offers budding writers a master-class in poetry.

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