Kimberly O’Connor

  KALI KALI KALI   for Clayton Lockett, died April 29, 2014 for J.V. Brown, died March 7, 2014 for Iris, who was never...
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Sarah Gerkensmeyer

A unicorn comes trotting up the lane. The woman keeps whistling. Her husband comes trotting up the lane. Her ex-husband comes trotting up the lane. Her two dead husbands come trotting up the lane. She whistles. A sycamore tree, its bark mottled and smeared and beautiful, comes trotting up the lane.

Brandon Amico

I can’t shake the feeling / there’s something I’m supposed / to forget or else have forgotten / to recall, and I recall / the cool sun sliding into / my mouth and little else.

Daniil Kharms

Because of me, Marina Petrovna turned completely bald – bald like a baby’s bottom. It happened like this: I went over to visit Marina Petrovna, and bang! she lost all her hair. And that was that.

Lea Marshall

When you go, I will wash / your body, take your arms / each in mine and know, / now, their weight. Pull / the cool sponge along / your side, lift your feet / in turn.

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