Friday Pick: Gradually The World

  Gradually The World: New & Selected Poems, 1982--2013 By Burt Kimmelman BlazeVox 252 pages Burt Kimmelman is a poet of observation....
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Friday Pick: Remembering Russell Edson

"Russell Edson gave me a window through which I can watch apes, angels, sheep, old men, dogs, grass and children interacting on the same weird level."

Natalie Belz remembers the late, great Russell Edson, who died last week at the age of 79. Edson was known as a master of the prose poem.

Friday Pick: The Itinerant Girl’s Guide To Self-Hypnosis

The space between self and other is rich for the writer, and mingling there, Cooper's prose poems perform a kind of reverse-osmosis. But this is no stultified confessional poetry. The mind at work here is quirky, urbane, ironic, and steeped in pop culture.

Friday Pick: A Poet’s Mind

Whether he is bringing Schoenberg's 12-tone system into a discussion of rhyme and meter, or using principles of Renaissance art to describe poetic craft, Duncan doesn't so much use metaphors as point to the common fabric of all artistic endeavors. In this way he was a Romantic, insisting on the primacy of the imagination to shape not only our view of the world, but the very world itself.

Friday Pick: Generationalism In British Poetry

The staggering numbers of poets included in these anthologies might look good on Arts Council applications, or in support of these anthologies’ own broad claims of  "inclusivity." But the rhetoric of inclusivity comes at the expense of a critical vocabulary which would allow us to read and respond with purposeful distinctions.

Friday Pick: 10 Predictions For 2014

The girl who made her bed in Rilke's ear gives her predictions for 2014.

Friday Pick: Air With Armed Men

Louis Simpson's memoir Air with Armed Men is a book of binaries. Between childhood and adulthood, traditional and modern poetries, the poet and the academy.

Friday Pick: Matthew Olzmann’s “Mezzanines”

Olzmann's big-hearted and often Yoda-like poems speak in a softly conversational tone, imparting intimacies, wisdom, and these are love letters to the world but a world he doesn't fully trust.

Friday Pick: #HenryCore

Like Eminem, Berryman possessed an uncanny control of language, a twisted sensibility evinced in pulverized syntax, and the addict's need to turn his harrowing life into lyrics.

Friday Pick: Theodore Roethke’s Dark Time

Within the regularity that Roethke insisted upon, there is always a reaching out into the darkness, a profound yearning for the unattainable, be it true love, purity, or immortality.

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