The Winter Issue

B O D Y is pleased to present our inaugural 2021 Winter Issue, featuring poetry by Matthew Olzmann, Leanne Drapeau, Andrea Jurjević,...
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Zsolt Láng

When the guard let the woman with the child in, the black dog instantly assessed that if the woman could suffer the child, it would be some dog’s life to be her pet. Especially for a dog nobody wanted. Ever since a horse kicked him in the muzzle breaking his jaw, he couldn’t shut his mouth properly and was left with his canine on show.

Re: Word: Willie Davis

Like this man, like my father, like any of us who deal in memory, I had to confess what I knew. People don’t come back, and they wouldn’t recognize us if they did.

Mathew Allan Garcia

My last contribution to music was the Grunge movement, which brought bands like Nirvana, Pearl Jam, and Sonic Youth to the forefront of pop culture. Everything’s gone to shit since then, unfortunately.

Peter Karpinsky

“Don’t come near me!” she shrieked again and snatched up a knife from the table. She waved it in front of her like a medieval knight and then aimed its point at the man’s heart. “And now tell me the truth, who are you really and what are you looking for?”

Christopher Ross

In the JetBlue terminal Jack tries to stay awake to hear his name called on stand-by. He hates everyone he’s seen in this entire airport.

Vanessa Hua

The first time the Chairman swam across Long River, a decade ago, he proclaimed it was big, but not frightening – like many challenges our country faced.

Jen Metcalf

Even my flat doesn’t think I should be here, Luca. It tipped up really badly again last night. Over the ocean, it's so scary. I was in the kitchen, watching to see if tonight would be his fire, and then in the dark everything came rushing into my head like it does. The flat slid down fast and slammed me against the back wall.

James Walling

The scent of wood smoke carried on the night air, touched with a flavor of tar, paint, and rubber. Danny Stark knew right away that a house was on fire.

Paul Lewellan

"My clients are more sophisticated then those men who bought Dad’s paintings of me at the Archery, Arts, and Ammo store. My clients like that I’m from Iowa. It sounds wholesome. Iowa means state fairs, freshly canned peaches, corn on the cob, and hogs. Some clients ask about the potatoes. That’s Idaho. Don’t schools teach geography any more? There’s a big difference between Boise and Des Moines, I’ll tell you that. "

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