Devika Brandt

AT TWENTY-TWO   (after Larry Levis)   That year? I smell it mostly in the smoke of one long joint after another in parked cars next...
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Karel Sebek

in the auditorium of several neighboring windows / I see a single moth / as old and miserable as the world

Rachel Custer

Thick summer air / that warms what it chokes, and chokes what it warms. / The locked cage of a lover’s arms. And above us, the / cool prison of the Lord’s regard. What to call this - / the hatred of the earth-bound / for the sky?

Jan Ball

I see Heathcliff / slink out of the forest / in the morning mist.

Michele Sharpe

As in born in Florida, left Florida, came home / and left again. Came home to die. As in here I’ll lie.

Joshua Burton

stalagmites like / hands reaching // for that sickness/ inside every human...

Cynthia Gralla

If you played a drinking game while tearing through the major books in the Japanese canon and took a shot every time a story featured suicide, particularly a love suicide, you would need a new liver by the time you were done.

David Hawkins

And so it waits, / with the patience born / from lying under a volcano

Justin Quinn

You’d sometimes flash your dick / in bars for wild amusement and strip on stage. / Jail kept your talent disciplined and quick.

Max Sessner

The girl takes the / umbrella or / does the umbrella take / the girl / lead her out into the wet / evening and / touch her softly on the hand

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