Erje Ayden 1936 – 2013

  Erje Ayden died on Thursday, October 10, 2013, in the company of his wife Lisa - 9 minutes before their 28th anniversary. I met Erje Ayden...
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Kristen Kosmas – Part 5

Between all things / that appear to be touching, / that appear to touch, / there is still space.

Kristen Kosmas – Part 3

"Sometimes you wake up and you just want to have a fight with someone."

Kristen Kosmas – Part 2

The actor imagines plastic. The many horrors of plastic.

Kristen Kosmas Interviewed by Sibyl Kempson

"Well when you’re having that experience of profound uncertainty, it’s sort of like -- anything! Somebody gimme a magazine about anything! I’ll believe it!"

Re: Word: Young Jean Lee

Let me list all the ways. Let me list all the wonderful, precious moments.

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