Nic Adams

  ICARUS IN THE L.E.S.               -- an excerpt --   I used to think That although I was...
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Ariel Stess

I don’t know. She just says, “heartbreak, what to do about that”?

An excerpt from HEARTBREAK, a new play by Ariel Stess

Frank Boyd

listening is like helping somebody shit into a bag

Kate Benson: Interview

B O D Y editor Ben Williams interviewed playwright and performer Kate Benson in New York on October 3, 2014. Her play A BEAUTIFUL DAY IN NOVEMBER ON THE BANKS OF THE GREATEST OF THE GREAT LAKES will be remounted in January at City Center, Stage II – Women’s Project space.

Kate Benson

The OCD is a strong flavor in this family brew.

Vivienne Walshe

What do you people do around here? In this town? Bucket bongs. Donuts down the back paddock. But they mean well.

Okwui Okpokwasili

Dear You, Cause I’m not gonna say you’re name you’re such a wrong bitch.

Tina Satter

Tina Satter: Interview

"That’s your original figuring-out how complicated love is, actually, is your fucked up family, right?"

Tina Satter

"You need to not be standing."

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