A Lighthouse in the Sky: John Quincy Adams by Harlow Giles Unger

  John Quincy Adams by Harlow Giles Unger Da Capo Press, 2012 Reviewed by Damien Ober On February 21st, 1848, John Quincy Adams...
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Damien Ober

When Doctor Sally Barten discovers a black hole traversing the Milky Way, Abe Barten begins to see less and less of his Sally. She’s home only briefly to tell her husband as much exciting news as she can fit into the hour that’s about all the time they get to spend together. Then there is no hour.

Damien Ober

“If you had to have sex with one dead president, who would it be?” / Claire puts a hand directly on top of her head. “Well, Reagan is most recently dead, so he’d be least decomposed.”

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