Pavel Srut – Part 3

    FATHER, THE VIOLINMAKER DOESN'T DRY the cat gut, he goes out into the darkness and won’t return to the light again. I...
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Jiri Hajicek

But Táňa was already standing in front of the ballot box with the state coat of arms, erect again, and in the fingers of her right hand she was holding white panties, directly above the opening in the box for the ballots. At that moment, a soft bounce sounded through the silent room.

Ondrej Buddeus

"if he drove early in the morning to work and a truck smashed into him / he touched wires fallen on the ground / he fell over the rails of a ferry and no one noticed / if water ran out in his native village fourteen days before / and humanitarian workers never showed up / if he went for a swim off the Australian shores and got caressed / by a box jellyfish..."

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