Sarah Gerkensmeyer

  THE WOMAN WHISTLES   The woman stands beside her house and whistles for something, her hands caught up in her apron. She whistles,...
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Amber Krieger

She wakes. Her husband is moving her hand to where his penis lies curled like a mouse against his thighs. ... He will want to be inside her, where she hasn't wanted anything since Abby came out. Where everything still feels like a dried up old orange.

James Pate

At this point in my life, I always had another pair of clothes in my briefcase. I heard the whispers. They came in pairs, like hands in the breeze. In an alley in St. Louis. On a street in Baltimore....

Christopher Citro

The elevator returned to the first floor. / Some strangers got on. They smiled at me, / so I smiled at them. They got off on the second floor. / I stayed on. The elevator went up to the third floor. / A man got on with a suitcase. He didn't smile at me...

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