Mark Jackley

TO DUNCAN, WHO WORKS IN A HOSPICE   Suddenly your Facebook posts are lit up like the teachings of Saint Francis or a birthday card from a...
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Keith Driver

Once I found a piano wedged under a slab of rock. / The keys smelled like a woman I had married. / Often I dream of her — a tournament of innocence / played in lycra with stone tablets.

Roddy Lumsden

You can mythologise anywhere but you cannot / romanticise it, / or anyone. You hear the song. You know this: / the girl is Moira, / not Lolita and it's a scrappy rowan at best / not a lemon tree.

Siegfried Mortkowitz

when young the body is a well of pleasure when you are old / it is a sack of pains and you begin to learn the names / of over-the-counter drugs you carry them in your pockets / the pills and creams and ointments and capsules / lidocaine ibuprofen acetaminophen paracetamol /

Poetry Reading: Annie Brechin

Annie Brechin reading her poem, "Choices", at Napa Bar & Gallery in Prague, 26 August, 2012.

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