Annie Freud

    ZALUZIANSKYA   All along the road to Sutton Bingham, I kept saying your name – Zaluzianskya, Zaluzianskya – so as not to...
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Doireann Ní Ghríofa

through this first rift, flesh-crevice / the lift, the light, the light, the clench and pinch / the cord clamped, cut, the cold, the light, and now / now the swaddle, / now the struggle, / now we begin again...

Emily Berry

I held my arms out, tipped my head back, pictured my protective symbols. / I opened my eyes and saw the sign of the anchor burning. / I had to go.

Angela Topping

Imagine being / Master of the Stool, having to wipe / that gargantuan arse.../ ...Think of that face// glancing towards Tower Green, as Anne / prepared to bare her innocent neck, / then turning away, to go and marry Jane.

Rebecca Tamás

the song is blue and huge / it has never touched soil // the song is not saying / please come home / in a way that is so beautiful / it becomes shameless

Jack Underwood

I’d be attracted to people who had guns the same way / I am attracted to people I suspect don’t like me. // I would walk up to them shyly with my hands up / and ask for a hold. I’d say Hollowpoint or Wadcutter / as if they were the nicknames of our mutual friends.

Jo Bell

Men, believe me. If in doubt just / look her in the eye and say I want to fuck you...

Bobby Parker

I tell cats on the street, 'Hey kitty, she swallowed my cum!' / I told the shy Indian woman in the corner shop, 'Do not be afraid, / for she swallowed my cum!' I even told my mum...

Crispin Best

you have no idea / of the distances i would travel / just to disappoint you...

Deborah Levy

Love must start on the first line / Continue on every line // No line without love / And then she marries me / That is my wish

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