Friday Pick: James Dickey’s The Zodiac

  The Zodiac By James Dickey Doubleday, 1976 Here's a little Friday gem, a diamond from the used-book shelf: The Zodiac, a book-length...
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Friday Pick: Aidan Semmens’ The Book of Issac

Semmens interacts with the impressive intellect and accomplishments of his great grandfather in a way that extends his legacy rather than simply paying homage to it. It is the book of Issac. It is Aidan Semmens’ book.

Friday Pick: The Jazz Standards

What sets The Jazz Standards apart is Gioia's approach to these songs, which balances textbook formality, and familiarity developed, one gathers, over the decades the author has spent listening to and studying these songs. This is a book that both promotes and exemplifies a personal relationship with jazz.

Dolly Lemke

Thank you, boss, I really needed a Tiffany’s key chain // I definitely get the passion, Boss says / It’s like golf / Poetry = golf // Vomit...

Miriam Gamble

Where – aimlessly – did a guy like this / get hold of a thing like that, the mercenary wonders, though. / (A lovely piece: true vintage, if it’s a day.)...

Friday Pick: The Plays Of Václav Havel

This is drama for the head and the gut; for thought and for laughter. Havel's plays are comedic tragedies with a touch of polyester vaudeville.

Peter Jay Shippy a pleather booth with the reddest ribs, / the friskiest whiskey, and our universal baby // monitor, punching its buttons and bending / antennae until we hear “Green Onions” ...

Abdelwahhab Azzawi

I hear a crying behind my back/ No... / It’s me / Yes, it’s me who is crying / And dreaming of a hand / Waving to him / In the wall.

Friday Pick: A Poetry Encyclopedia – Featuring Otis Redding

To put it simply, the Princeton Encyclopedia of Poetry and Poetics is the most fascinating book on poetics published this year. And Otis Redding.

Friday Pick: Jack Gilbert — An Appreciation

It was the winter of 2006. Snowy Amherst, Massachusetts. Where Emily Dickinson lived, wrote and died.

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