Friday Pick: All That Is, By James Salter

  All That Is By James Salter 290 pages Boldly providing the epigraph for his latest novel, All That Is, James Salter writes: "There...
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Friday Pick: Literary Names, By Alastair Fowler

Fowler's most significant points concern the Elizabethan and Victorian eras, and he seems to have an overly bleak outlook on the post-modern age.

Friday Pick: James Dickey’s The Zodiac

In "The Zodiac" we see Dickey stretching his line foreword, moving toward prose, yet emphasising the raw rhythmic power, the incantatory lack of stasis that poetry possesses.

Friday Pick: Aidan Semmens’ The Book of Issac

Semmens interacts with the impressive intellect and accomplishments of his great grandfather in a way that extends his legacy rather than simply paying homage to it. It is the book of Issac. It is Aidan Semmens’ book.

Dolly Lemke

Thank you, boss, I really needed a Tiffany’s key chain // I definitely get the passion, Boss says / It’s like golf / Poetry = golf // Vomit...

Miriam Gamble

Where – aimlessly – did a guy like this / get hold of a thing like that, the mercenary wonders, though. / (A lovely piece: true vintage, if it’s a day.)...

B O D Y 2012 Pushcart Prize Nominations

B O D Y is delighted to announce our 2012 Pushcart Prize Nominations

Peter Jay Shippy a pleather booth with the reddest ribs, / the friskiest whiskey, and our universal baby // monitor, punching its buttons and bending / antennae until we hear “Green Onions” ...

Gary Frances

It's hard to stand up / for women in the company of men. // They're such inconsequential beings. / The women are even worse.

Carly Wilson

When I turned thirteen I began to worry very much about rubber souls and I thought / Sex was a prayer where one bent at the waist. / At eighteen I knew even less on the exact science of the thing, though / Could perfectly salt-to-taste any young dish.

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