Anthony Madrid

  WE WOULD RENOUNCE THE SELF COMPLETELY for Raffi Kiureghian WE WOULD renounce the self completely, if only we knew it would...
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Anthony Madrid’s Limericks, Illustrated by Mark Fletcher

There was a young man from the Bronx,— / Loved drawing and redrawing ankhs

Anthony Madrid

Brake light out; kid turned on by a doll. / Serpentine belt blew, melted the motor. / The speed limit is not the speed limit. /

Friday Pick: Anthony Madrid’s I Am Your Slave Now Do What I Say

Anthony Madrid's debut collection of poetry, I Am Your Slave Now Do What I Say, is the poetic equivalent of a Bollywood dance routine: Rambunctiously over the top, colorful, humorous, and, even if by virtue of its own audacious strangeness, a thrill to witness.

Anthony Madrid

I BALANCED a sword on my head, dropped to my knees and earnestly vowed / I would never again APOLOGIZE on command. // I am done with Apology Culture, done with tendering and accepting. If I’m / Commanded, I refuse; forced to listen, I stop my ears.

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