Lesle Lewis

  RAIN, BIRDS, AMENDMENT   A circular frame goes around us and touches itself where it started, but ending where it started will not...
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Suzanne Parker

If I eat your face, I am insane. / If I nibble on your lip, I am in love. / Such distinctions to keep in mind.

Friday Pick: Matthew Olzmann’s “Mezzanines”

Olzmann's big-hearted and often Yoda-like poems speak in a softly conversational tone, imparting intimacies, wisdom, and these are love letters to the world but a world he doesn't fully trust.

Cynthia Cruz

The boat of death moves soundlessly / Across the room. // Then the terrible gift:

Bill Rasmovicz

Thankfully, you don’t have to think about / putting on pants to go to the grocery store, though / sometimes you wish you knew a foreign language / so no one could understand.

Matthew Olzmann

“NOTHING GETS THROUGH TO YOU, JACKASS”   When Catullus says it, it sounds more eloquent than when I say it: Nothing gets through to you, jackass. When...

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