Emily Jaeger

  THE LESBIAN ROADS   run ragged, rage across the snowy fields gone white for the first time in forty years: olive trees captured in...
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M.K. Foster

It’s December, and if I bought my father a goldfish, / he wouldn’t see what I was trying to say

Suzanne Parker

If I eat your face, I am insane. / If I nibble on your lip, I am in love. / Such distinctions to keep in mind.

Jaimie Gusman

And God bless the worm baby who had pinworms / maybe three or four times that year. Medication. Doctors. More dirt. She was a needy worm baby.

Ocean Vuong

Suppose you do change your life. / & the body is more than / a portion of night—sealed / with bruises. Suppose you woke // & found your shadow replaced / by a black wolf.

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