What’s the name of your magazine, actually?

B O D Y. All caps. One space between each letter. (Pronounced “body”)

What kind of work are the editors looking for?

It’s really subjective. There’s no particular style we gravitate to, but we’re attracted to work that wakes us up and grabs our attention, that stands out as doing something different. We did an interview a while back in which we talk about the type of submissions we look for. But to be honest, the best way to get a sense of what we like — and whether your work fits — is to read the magazine.

What should my cover letter say?

Keep your cover letter simple and to the point (but please include one). Tell us only:

  • Your name: your real name. We’re happy to publish original work under a pseudonym, but we need to know whose work we’re considering.
  • Titles of submitted work. No need to provide a synopsis, unless the piece is an excerpt of a larger work.
  • A brief third-person bio. Keep your bio simple and brief. No cats. (See below.)

Why do I have to include a bio?

The bio tell us something about the person whose work we’re reading — their publication history, where they live, what they do. Bios should be brief. If you’re have a long list of prior publications, don’t list them all, just name the two or three that you’d mention in an actual conversation if someone asked you where your work has appeared. If you have no prior publications, that’s fine. We care more about the quality of your work than who else has published it.

What is a “cat bio” and why don’t you like them?

A cat bio is a bio that includes cute yet irrelevant information designed to make the writer stand out in an endearing way. It often goes something like “… They live with their cat, Fluffy, and two German shepherds, Hodge and Podge, in a converted schoolhouse house near a lake …” or “… Their goal is to fill the world with flowers and light” etc. As much we like kittens (who doesn’t like kittens?) and even cats and dogs, authors who drag their pets into their bios or otherwise try to be overly cute come off as cloyingly precious rather than endearing. Chalk it up to a pet peeve of ours — like fingernails on a chalkboard. A pleasant sound to some; to others, like fingers on a chalkboard.

Do you accept simultaneous submissions?

Yes! We accept simultaneous submissions – but please let us know as soon as someone else beats us to it. We’ll try to get back to you within a reasonable timeframe, but sometimes we can be really slow. It’s a curse common among lit journals run by people who have full-time jobs, families, dogs to walk, etc. Just a note: we generally assume submitters who repeatedly submit work then withdraw it a few days later are probably submitting indiscriminately and don’t really care about getting work into B O D Y.

What should I do if part of my submission is accepted elsewhere?

Go to your Submittable account and send us a note stating which poems you’d like to withdraw from consideration. Don’t email us.

Can I submit or publish under a pseudonym?

A poet may publish under a pseudonym, but must submit under their legal name and inform us of their desire to publish under a pseudonym prior to publication (ideally, let us know in the cover letter).

How long should I wait before enquiring about a submission?

Please wait at least 3 months before writing to us. We receive dozens of submissions every day and we make sure to review and discuss each one for coming to a decision. However, because we tend to reply to people in groups, once we’ve decided on all of their work, some might wait longer for a reply than others. A query may prompt us to reply sooner to you if a decision has already been made.

Can I edit my work after I’ve submitted it?

If you’d like to edit your work after submission, simply withdraw your original submission via Submittable and resubmit the work with the new edits. If we have already accepted a piece of work, the time for edits has passed.

How many times a year can I submit?

Due to the volume of submissions we receive, we ask that you submit your work no more than three times per calendar year.

Does B O D Y nominate work for prizes?

B O D Y nominates poetry, essays and fiction for the Pushcart Prize and Best of the Net anthologies. All work published throughout the year will be considered for nomination.

Does B O D Y pay authors?

Unfortunately, B O D Y is currently unable to offer payment but we do widely promote all work published in B O D Y.


B O D Y is currently not accepting submissions.


B O D Y retains first electronic rights to all work.

All rights return to the author upon publication in B O D Y, however, we appreciate a standard acknowledgement should the work first appearing in B O D Y be later republished at another venue.

B O D Y retains the right to archive the work on our website.




  • Each submission should include a short cover letter and a short 3rd-person bio on the first page of the submission. Please keep bios short and relevant.
  • Include your last name in the title of your submission.
  • If submitting work from a book already accepted by a publisher, please notify us of this (and the anticipated publication date) in your cover letter.
  • Please do not submit previously published work.
  • Only one submission at a time will be considered. Do not submit another manuscript before we have replied to your first.

Please read the submission guidelines for each category carefully before submitting.




  • Please submit your work on ONE document.
  • Submit up to 5 poems.
  • Each poem should start a new page.

Submit to B O D Y



B O D Y is always looking for engaging prose, whether a short story, personal essay, piece of criticism, or excerpt from a longer work of literary fiction or non-fiction.

  • Submit up to 2000 words of text in a standard 12 pt. font (e.g. Times/Times New Roman)
  • Do not indent new paragraphs
  • Use an extra space to indicate paragraph breaks

If your prose piece runs over 2000 words, please provide a reason in your cover letter. Writers who submit work longer than 10 pages without explanation risk having their work returned unread.

Submit to B O D Y




Translations are welcome. Please follow the respective category guidelines for poetry and fiction, in addition:

The cover letter must clearly indicate the name of the author, original language and any other relevant information (original press, country, date, etc.) as well as the biographical details of the translated author.

Submit to B O D Y


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