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Anatoly Mariengof

  APHORISMS, ANECDOTES, AND OTHER LITERARY TRIFLES   Excessive pessimism is just as repugnant as excessive optimism: two identical idiots dressed in a different color – one black, the other pink. *** Bourgeois wisdom consists in this: that life must […]

Susan Browne

  JUST LIVING   I didn’t have time to masturbate this morning. It’s right there at the top of my To-Do List, but I have way too many things to do. I’m retired and busier than ever. I started meditating […]

Vilmos Csanyi

  THE SCENT OF PERFECTION   In which the Book is introduced to the reader, some sacred texts are discussed, and there begins the story of St Teresa, the girl from Ávila Dear Reader! It is only right that for […]

Alice Oswald’s Falling Awake | Friday Pick

  Falling Awake By Alice Oswald Cape Poetry 2016, 96 pp Alice Oswald, one of Britain’s most celebrated poets and an eminent contributor to the aubade tradition, has recently recounted the experience that led her to become a poet. As […]

Claudia F. Savage

  CERULEAN   Obvious Robin’s egg. O’Keefe’s New Mexican morning. The distance between Austria and Ireland. Ancestral eye. The granddaughter you’ll never meet. The color we thought bloomed the iris while she floated in darkness. Great-great-great-great someone. In Scotland. Before […]

Siegfried Mortkowitz

  INCOMPLETE SENTENCE   sometimes at night, just before I turn off the lights and shut myself into the night, before I have read that magazine piece about an eccentric artist working on an exact replica of the entire world […]

Charlie Clark

  LUCKY DEVIL   One thing about fire, even the slightest tongue will seek another to burn. Same as these hands. Always beckoning. Lucky thing, to see one’s need made being, limbs a-hum, lit with the sight of it, whole […]

Sunni Brown Wilkinson

  AT LAST THE LIGHT IN THE TREES WAVERS   and moves on like an old woman turning away from the mirror. Everything dims. Now the lamp is master. November, and the rake face- down in a pile of leaves […]

Petra Hulova

  THREE PLASTIC ROOMS   (an excerpt)   Three Plastic Rooms A novel by Petra Hůlová Translated from the Czech by Alex Zucker Published by Jantar Publishing   TV Episode One: Women With Handbags I wonder if anyone ever gives […]

W. Scott Howard

  STAIRS ASTIR                     —of trusts, a raining of stars                   truant iris ruins. Elemental art of rust traits and rants, dust starts again tar ruts, urn twists.                   Violet lips, green fist-                   burst jackets of slim-gold exuberance. On the page                   or […]

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