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Heather Sellers

POOL   At the red light on University Drive, I sat in my car in the rain as two sedans spun in slow motion before me, toys pushed too hard, sliding into sloppy slippery traffic. For hours in a small […]

Michael Mark

SARA SAYS SHE’S HAVING HER BREASTS REMOVED   Our child is cutting off body parts – and will only stop, she says, when she gets to her her, her true they. I picture somersaulting stumps in slow tumble. Band-aided elbows, […]

Ken Nash

WE WERE NEVER ON THE MOON   We never went to the moon. Instead we grew roses and fed our neighbor pasta and fruit salad. We never put a man in space. Instead we bought him a suit, cut his […]

Love in a Time of Terror: An Interview with David Biespiel

DAVID BIESPIEL is the author of six volumes of poetry, two memoirs, two essay collections, and is the editor of two anthologies of poetry. His latest volume of poetry is Republic Café, a long poem that recounts the September 11, […]

Michael Mark

  ALL TODAY I LIVED   without my glasses. They lay on my night stand, smudged, staring up. My fingers traced photographs, their memory fuzzy. No history owned me. I wandered bridges, tunnels, neighborhood stores. I never got lost. A […]

Rebecca A. Spears

YES AND NO   Yes, my mother is away. No, today I won’t see her. The dementia fractures her the same way ice splits a rock. In winter the ices freezes into the rock’s flaws and makes a strong seam. […]

Norman Finkelstein

  THE ADVENTURES OF PASCAL WANDERLUST   Book 3 1. Symbols and tables, charts and graphs, elements and molecules, the atom and the Adam. Fire and flood, vandals and acts of God, the library in ruin, the floor of the […]

Siegfried Mortkowitz

SEX AND THE HOLOCAUST   I’ve been masturbating for as long as I can remember. Sometimes it seems that I came out of the womb with my hands on my penis. I started early and was, from day one, an […]

Dorota Maslowska

HONEY, I KILLED THE CATS   (an excerpt) Honey, I Killed The Cats A novel by Dorota Masłowska Translated from the Polish by Benjamin Paloff Published by Deep Vellum Publishing   Chapter 1 There was a white-ruffed cat lying in […]

J. A. Bernstein

WATERCRESS   I. The clean and narrow white tents of the Farmer’s Market along Arizona burden the senses: the flow of bright colors rushing underneath; the smell of baked breads; the odors of camphor, raw cinnamon, spice. It is simply […]

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