Re: Word: Joshua Weiner’s “To Disturb Profoundly The Senses”

  “To Disturb Profoundly the Senses” ‘an unclassified narrative’ from the Office of Legal Counsel, for the...
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Re: Word: Ocean Vuong

a coin of light appears / & you get to look in, for once, // on happiness. The eye / staring back from the other side—

Re: Word: Anna Akhmatova

As for memories, they have three parts— / the first is only yesterday / when laughter is still heard, but our cheeks / are wet— this part doesn’t last long. / ....

Re: Word: Nora Iuga

And suddenly I saw comrade Weed get up fast in the moonlight, and I heard a Jesus-fuckin’-Christ immediately muffled by the mat-lined earthen walls. That’s when I made out my friend’s greenish, frozen face, her eyelids lowered, her mouth gasping for air like a fish in an aquarium without water.

Re: Word: Polina Barskova

I will try to live on earth without you. // I will become any object, / I don’t care what— / I will be this speeding train.

Re: Word: Valery Ronshin

“Not exactly,” the president answered. “The thing is, here in Africa everyone's black. So at the Center they'll take off your white hides and pull on black ones.” “Oh, how wonderful!” Masha the stewardess was delighted. “That means I'm going to be black!”

Re: Word: Nate Pritts

Such a beautiful orange trumpet! / Sometimes a keyhole is shaped like a cloud. // Those same words escaped me three times / because I wanted their sincerity // to sway people to have faith in me.

Re: Word: Alison Brackenbury

I will not tell myself / that young birds may be starving / if the two were a pair. / For how do I know? / I am not God / which is why I was sleeping / when the cat went out / when the cat came in.

Re: Word: Clare Banks

There’s no room here for waiting. It’s not loss / I sense, or fear’s remission. Not absence, / heat or order failing. It’s hunger, say, / or want — a revision of months, this whole / year.

Re: Word: Petr Borkovec

Oh, so much free time in a strange city. Torrents of a language I don’t know, an ocean of strange people, not to mention the strange empty spaces those people leave in their wake.

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