Annie Brechin

  COMMENT FAIRE L'AMOUR     I dream about the good sex, the kind that makes you come just from the memory. A fuck so hard you...
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Luke Kennard

Now language is a prison, / true communication is impossible, / our deepest desires remain eternally frustrated. // We are the flies nutting the closed window / next to the open window.

Annie Freud

when I get home, I’m going to find out everything there is to know about you. / I’m going to buy seeds and grow pots of you along all the window sills. / I gripped the steering wheel - and laughed and - I HADN’T EVEN SEEN YOU! / It would be like having a child in the house again...

Edward Ragg

how we might wish to look / and how we would like // to appear, though such / explanation lives outside // the experience of seeing…

Martha Sprackland

I am thinking of you, and the bees are drowning / in the pool. The whole surface is a ballroom, // the tiny pieces move and coruscate and the air / is sticky with humming...

Doireann Ní Ghríofa

through this first rift, flesh-crevice / the lift, the light, the light, the clench and pinch / the cord clamped, cut, the cold, the light, and now / now the swaddle, / now the struggle, / now we begin again...

Emily Berry

I held my arms out, tipped my head back, pictured my protective symbols. / I opened my eyes and saw the sign of the anchor burning. / I had to go.

Angela Topping

Imagine being / Master of the Stool, having to wipe / that gargantuan arse.../ ...Think of that face// glancing towards Tower Green, as Anne / prepared to bare her innocent neck, / then turning away, to go and marry Jane.

Alistair Noon

The old man in the next door flat, / brownshirt, turned Christian Democrat, / then Social. Oh he drank drank drank. / But his bedroom sink always stank...

Ryan Van Winkle

you begin to feel / like a piece of wheat / standing up straight – / like other living things – // a tractor coming towards you / at 500 stalks a second

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