Stanislav Dvorský

  DURING A NIGHT STORM   perjury of lightning bolts: a fish spine rises from the trenches of the wound-up day, disrupting...
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Radka Thea Otípková

At night I become his missing arm. / The one he lost on the front, looked for / years later and didn´t find.

Jeffrey McDaniel

Bless the silence.       Bless the hiss.       Bless the punch. / Bless the kiss.       Bless the lemon.       Bless the lime. // Bless the fishbone in the throat of time.

R. A. Allen

I went out to my mailbox. / Everything was addressed to a previous occupant (twice removed) / who is now, / according to my neighbors, / deceased.

Rebecca A. Spears

Love among unequals is not a math problem. / Is more profane than sacred. It means / a woman available, without joy.

James Lineberger

As we arrived / the red-haired children / were it seemed everywhere staring at us / from behind things or caught / frozen in the open like frightened rabbits

Tim Rogers

one man dies to save the many / to open possibilities the way / the sun enters the court of the sky

Karen Greenbaum-Maya

Chinese ladybugs adapt quickly. They do not care about tradition. They undersell the French ladybugs and take over their turf. You’d think there would be enough for all, aphids being what they are, but no. Oh no.

Eric Tran

I learn it means people prone to sadness / who develop depression, but it reminds me / of a favorite Chinese restaurant: Double / Happiness...

Heather Sellers

For hours in a small windowless freezing room, I spliced digital video and created fine fades—just so. I did not save my projects in the media bin. I did not name or save a thing.

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