Eileen Cleary’s 2 a.m. with Keats | Friday Pick

2 a.m. with Keatsby Eileen Cleary Nixes Mate Books, 202148 pages The rich tradition of communing with the dead through poetry stretches back from...
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A. N. DeJesús

A different me is silhouetted in the lit windows of every house I drive // past – me: reading a book, me: making dinner, me: alone staring back.

Lucy Tunstall

It was growing dark in the garden. I felt, suddenly, enormous, as vast as the night. I could see all the way to California, where two little girls dragged their unwheeled suitcases through a cavernous airport

Radka Thea Otípková

I am waiting for you. Part of my wall / will need to go to get you in. It will / never heal. This is how they’ll find me, / small, perfunctory, unfit for a king, but / I’ll hold it all

Genta Nishku

We moved along, discussing this injustice. It was small in the larger scope of the war, and all-consuming for one woman

Interview with Atomic Culture: Mateo & Malinda Galindo

ATOMIC CULTURE is a curatorial platform founded by Mateo Galindo and Malinda Galindo. They collaborate with artists on site-specific projects that reimagine the outlook of our cities.

Patricia Zylius

Women love to dance with him, my mother said. / He’s so easy to follow. But those women / never had to clench against his slaps and rages.

Petra Hůlová | Photo by Martin Rýz

Petra Hůlová

After the Interior Ministry basement, the second place Rita bombed was a plastic surgery clinic, without hesitation, and I say without hesitation because she blew it up just three days after the ministry.

Sara Moore Wagner

God unlike the stories, never casting out / a child, unloosing the sky

Sarah Rose Haughn

Unlike other vehicles, not once does the man ever slow or stop to offer a ride. Not once must the dog shift from the front-seat view of the road’s horizon to share space with the children they pass.

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