Flight and Metamorphosis by Nelly Sachs | Friday Pick

Flight and MetamorphosisBy Nelly SachsTranslated by Joshua Weiner with Linda B. ParshallFarrar, Straus and Giroux2022, 208 pages Nelly Sachs,...
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Tim Postovit

I was the last place on the planet / where astronauts slept / my last customers were the planet’s / last people

My Seven Lives by Agneša Kalinová | Friday Pick

My Seven Lives tells a story of 20th century Central Europe through the voice of Slovak journalist Agneša Kalinová.

Translating Nelly Sachs: An interview with Joshua Weiner

"The biggest challenge of translating Sachs into English, for me, had to do with tracking the movement of her mind in the forming of a poem."

Nelly Sachs

Which vein burst / to offer the holy geometry of yearning / a homeland in your eyes?

Daša Drndić

I discovered a lot of secrets, a lot of combinations, dark, political, religious, ideological, personal, to do with chess; spying, double and triple secret agents from all camps, secret police involved in dirty activities.

Dream of a Journey: Selected Poems by Kateřina Rudčenková | Friday Pick

Dream of a Journey: Selected Poems, brings to readers of English the first full-length volume of poems by Czech poet Kateřina Rudčenková.

Duncan Robertson

One of those things most difficult to convey about the special conditions in which we lived was the visegradišag: that everything, buying bread, recycling, riding the tram, came with a surreal associated cost that was impossible to anticipate and could range in consequence from mild discomfort to soulshattering alienation

An interview with Tatiana Tîbuleac

For some of us, language is a struggle, part of the resistance, a flagship, a war, sometimes even a pillar of an identity.

Mark Scroggins

Mark Scroggins

That thing you forgot to do last year / has turned out to be important.

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