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Justin Quinn

  ELEGY FOR A WEREWOLF                                      i.m. Ivan Martin Jirous I can’t believe the stylish, unbowed swagger with which you passed through prisons in the ’80s.         Marched round and slapped and hurled about your cell, none of it troubled the […]

Justin Quinn: Bohuslav Reynek’s Journeys

  TOWARD THE END OF HIS LIFE the Czech poet and artist Bohuslav Reynek published a poem that was uncharacteristic in two respects. Its last couple of words are French and Greek. Some poets prosper at the edges of their […]

Justin Quinn

  IRISH BAR, PHILADELPHIA   Now they’re postmodern. They talk about the Cause purely to get a rise out of the git who’s Irish and has actually lived through it. They make a show of shouting and guffaws. Out back, […]

Justin Quinn

  ASTRAY   I check her photograph in those few months or weeks when she was turning from a girl into a woman, wading from the Adriatic, the wavelets’ peaks around the legs, and lovely lips that I have come […]

Justin Quinn

FLY   I have been easily mistaken by the perhaps red eyes of this, a small fly, for a side of bacon, cheese, old fruit or piece of piss. Why else would he or she or it, this finikin of […]

Petr Borkovec

  BRIEF BIO FOR THE BEREAVED   Petr Borkovec is now a somewhat neglected author, and it is unquestionably true that only a small handful of readers know his work. However, at the same time, while it is indisputably the […]

Ondrej Hanus

  FIG. 9 (silent)   between the grasses the silent air is thicker breathing deeply in, I drink green ichor tomorrow wastes will ring out black and blue my God, oh find me where I forsake you _______________________________________________________________________ FIG. 23 […]

In Memoriam: Richard Wilbur, 1921–2017

  Would it be possible to take a poem by Richard Wilbur, adjust its spelling and some of its references and insert it unobtrusively in an anthology of late sixteenth century lyric poetry, like Englands Helicon (1600), or of the […]

Stephen Burt’s The Poem Is You | Friday Pick

  The Poem Is You: 60 Contemporary American Poems and How to Read Them By Stephen Burt Harvard University Press 2016, 432 pp Stephen Burt’s new book is an intriguing hybrid – anthology, introduction, and critical study all at once. […]

Bohuslav Reynek

  A FOOL   In my village, I’m the fool. Sad dogs know me – sad white school of sleepy dogs that drift away into the distance. They don’t bay. They keep me happy from afar – cloudish dogs is […]

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