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Justin Lacour

These words may make you uncomfortable. I won’t say I don’t care what you think.  Too many people told me that growing up; I won’t say that to you.

Justin Lacour

THE BIG SKY About twenty years ago, I was at a party at some guy’s house.  A circle of us were in the kitchen, cheering on two guys. One had a ketchup bottle, the other a bottle of mustard, and […]

Justin Lacour

TRUE STORY The only time I ever hitchhiked, a woman in a hatchback with a dolphin decal in the window stopped and picked me up. She figured she’d be safe. I looked like I was eleven. We didn’t talk. Not […]

Justin Lacour

THE POSSUM   You are hard-boiled, possum. Not fooled by the Spanish prisoner, nor prone to self-parody, as at an office party. You are hair and teeth and claws sunk into the bones of the tree. Green chemical flash in […]

The Spring Issue | Editorial

Welcome to B O D Y’s 2021 Spring Issue. It’s been a dramatic few months since our Winter Issue came out, and we’ve been working hard behind the scenes to bring you the very best writing and art we could […]

The Prose Poem Issue

For the month of June, B O D Y will be presenting a selection of prose poems from our contributors in a special “Prose Poem Issue.” One of our goals in putting this issue together was to figure out just […]


A BRIEF NOTE ON THE LIST The below is a partial list of poetry, fiction and non-fiction contributors to B O D Y since 2012. The authors are sorted alphabetically by first name. An author’s name appears more than once […]

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