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The Czech Issue

  Editor’s Note   Throughout the month of November B O D Y will be publishing poetry and prose by writers from the Czech Republic.   This issue, featuring recent Czech writing, would not have been possible without literary translators. […]

UK & Irish Poetry Issue

Throughout the month of October B O D Y will be publishing poetry by poets from across the United Kingdom & Ireland. If you think poems written by poets from across the Atlantic all have rhymes lined up like ducks […]

David Hawkins

WHETSTONE   To inherit such an object: no one here knows how to use it anymore but one day we’ll read what to do in an unforeseen moment of necessity. This long oval in heavy dark grey, its keen, mineral […]

Max Sessner

  LEAVING THE CAFÉ   The girl takes the umbrella or does the umbrella take the girl lead her out into the wet evening and touch her softly on the hand seeing them from a distance one thinks of lovers […]

Interview: Max Sessner Talks to Francesca Bell

_______________________________________________________________________ US poet Francesca Bell recently interviewed German poet Max Sessner for B O D Y about his work, some of his thoughts on poetry and his upcoming book of poems, Das Wasser von Gestern.   _______________________________________________________________________ FRANCESCA BELL: I’m […]

Biljana Jovanovic

  DOGS AND OTHERS   (An excerpt)   Dogs and Others A novel by Biljana Jovanović Translated from the Serbian by John K. Cox Published by Istros Books   For a longish, and rounded, amount of time (like a lie […]

Emily Jaeger

  THE LESBIAN ROADS   run ragged, rage across the snowy fields gone white for the first time in forty years: olive trees captured in tents of ice, an entire orange crop lost. My hands, gone white, grasp a worn […]

Daniel Majling

  Rushian Clashics   (an excerpt)   Introduction I first encountered Rushian clashics five years ago, at a time when much less was being written about this issue than today. A colleague who taught Russian language and literature at the […]

Volker Sielaff

MOON-NIGHT   Shadows enlivened by the moon like a load of night-fish and especially with a full moon When you yank up the blinds they escape you (that happens fast, the waters are deep.) Night-fish can be rolled up until […]

Thin Rising Vapors by Seth Rogoff | Friday Pick

  Thin Rising Vapors By Seth Rogoff Sagging Meniscus Press, 2018 240 pages We don’t read our friends’ personal diaries or emails not so much because it is bad to do so, but because we are afraid to find out […]

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