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Central European Short Story Issue

  EDITORS’ NOTE     When the countries of Central Europe emerged from the dominion of emperors, kings and foreign powers the independence they achieved turned out to be fairly short-lived for most of them (Hungary is another story, but […]

The Prose Poem Issue

For the month of June, B O D Y will be presenting a selection of prose poems from our contributors in a special “Prose Poem Issue.” One of our goals in putting this issue together was to figure out just […]

The Czech Issue

  Editor’s Note   Throughout the month of November B O D Y will be publishing poetry and prose by writers from the Czech Republic.   This issue, featuring recent Czech writing, would not have been possible without literary translators. […]

UK & Irish Poetry Issue

Throughout the month of October B O D Y will be publishing poetry by poets from across the United Kingdom & Ireland. If you think poems written by poets from across the Atlantic all have rhymes lined up like ducks […]

Rebecca A. Spears

MADONNA WEDDING ENSEMBLE           — Metropolitan Museum of Art, 2018   Before the mute mannequin, I am dumb-drunk. Before the mannequin, with the stone-white face, downcast eyes, I have lost my voice, like her, only for […]

James Lineberger

WHAT GOD USED TO WANT   They lived way out in the country in a cement block house with a flat roof and their union had produced so many children that the next time they were up for review the […]

Tim Rogers

THE CRUXIFICTION   The pull of a powerful diesel heart greasy and generous as a locomotive her rails paired with circumstance Calvary, Golgotha, iron spikes an immutable line of narrative one man dies to save the many to open possibilities […]

Karen Greenbaum-Maya

BUSY   French bees are dying, she tells me. Not because of big Agro pushing its products, threatening finance interruptus, the short-term win killing the long-term love. The bees are dying because the Chinese have planted killer bees that lay […]

Friday Pick: Elizabeth Knapp’s “Requiem with an Amulet in Its Beak”

Requiem with an Amulet in Its Beak By Elizabeth Knapp Washington Writers’ Publishing House 2019, 73 pages   Reviewed by Francesca Bell   ELIZABETH KNAPP’s new book may carry an amulet in its title, but it will not keep you […]

Heather Sellers

POOL   At the red light on University Drive, I sat in my car in the rain as two sedans spun in slow motion before me, toys pushed too hard, sliding into sloppy slippery traffic. For hours in a small […]

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