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The Prose Poem Issue

For the month of June, B O D Y will be presenting a selection of prose poems from our contributors in a special “Prose Poem Issue.” One of our goals in putting this issue together was to figure out just […]

The Czech Issue

  Editor’s Note   Throughout the month of November B O D Y will be publishing poetry and prose by writers from the Czech Republic.   This issue, featuring recent Czech writing, would not have been possible without literary translators. […]

UK & Irish Poetry Issue

Throughout the month of October B O D Y will be publishing poetry by poets from across the United Kingdom & Ireland. If you think poems written by poets from across the Atlantic all have rhymes lined up like ducks […]

Michael Mark

  ALL TODAY I LIVED   without my glasses. They lay on my night stand, smudged, staring up. My fingers traced photographs, their memory fuzzy. No history owned me. I wandered bridges, tunnels, neighborhood stores. I never got lost. A […]

Rebecca A. Spears

YES AND NO   Yes, my mother is away. No, today I won’t see her. The dementia fractures her the same way ice splits a rock. In winter the ices freezes into the rock’s flaws and makes a strong seam. […]

Norman Finkelstein

  THE ADVENTURES OF PASCAL WANDERLUST   Book 3 1. Symbols and tables, charts and graphs, elements and molecules, the atom and the Adam. Fire and flood, vandals and acts of God, the library in ruin, the floor of the […]

Siegfried Mortkowitz

SEX AND THE HOLOCAUST   I’ve been masturbating for as long as I can remember. Sometimes it seems that I came out of the womb with my hands on my penis. I started early and was, from day one, an […]

Dorota Maslowska

HONEY, I KILLED THE CATS   (an excerpt) Honey, I Killed The Cats A novel by Dorota Masłowska Translated from the Polish by Benjamin Paloff Published by Deep Vellum Publishing   Chapter 1 There was a white-ruffed cat lying in […]

J. A. Bernstein

WATERCRESS   I. The clean and narrow white tents of the Farmer’s Market along Arizona burden the senses: the flow of bright colors rushing underneath; the smell of baked breads; the odors of camphor, raw cinnamon, spice. It is simply […]

Chris Green

ONCE UPON A BREAKFAST   after Sidney Goldfarb’s “Moving Breakfast”   I get out of bed early like a god. I give my daughter something bookish for breakfast. First I let her sip some whiskey. Then she begins her memoir: […]

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