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  PAPER PLANES   The writer bought a literary magazine, leafed through it, and was gratified: he hadn’t submitted anything and none of his work had been published. A few weeks later the annual nominations for the national literary prize were announced: […]

Slovak Fiction Week: Into the Spotlight

    Into the Spotlight An anthology of Slovak fiction Translated from the Slovak by Magdalena Mullek and Julia Sherwood Published by Three String Books     TRY TO ASK even a very well-read English-speaking literary type to name a […]

Ondrej Stefanik

  MY NAME IS PAULA   (an excerpt)   She picked out photos from albums and peeled them off their pages. She spread them out on the floor and tried to shuffle them like memory cards. She swapped them around […]

Jan Rozner

  SEVEN DAYS TO THE FUNERAL   (an excerpt) Day Five: Afternoon The long, insistent ringing of the doorbell startled him awake. He got up from the sofa, and went over to press the button in the hallway as he […]

Jana Juranova

  Ilona. My Life with the Bard   (an excerpt)   Ilona. My Life with the Bard A novel by Jana Juráňová Translated from the Slovak by Julia and Peter Sherwood Published by Calypso Editions     Body and Soul […]

Vito Staviarsky

  DARK SHOES   (an excerpt)   15 It was quite late by the time Olda and Sabina knocked on one of the doors in a block with courtyard balconies. Sabina didn’t want to be a burden to anyone and […]

Hubert Klimko-Dobrzaniecki

  LULLABY FOR A HANGED MAN   (an excerpt)   Dedicated to the memory of Szymon Kuran – violinist, composer and friend   Szymon says, let’s go to the beach, let’s have a swim, the weather’s so beautiful, it would […]

Pavel Vilikovsky

  THE AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF EVIL   (an excerpt)   Chapter 18 As far as I’m aware, none of the big shots in the Third Reich was a sadist. All four committed suicide. Hitler and Goebbels did so even before Germany […]

Ursula Kovalyk

  SLOW WALKING COURSE   I tripped over her, in the street, just like that. I was in a hurry to cross the road and then suddenly, crash-bang! My heels made a nasty screeching sound and I landed on my […]

Hubert Klimko-Dobrzaniecki

  GREEKS GO HOME TO DIE   (an excerpt)   Tired? Mother asked when she saw us. Caught lots of butterflies? Silence. Well, have you lost the power of speech? What’s in the sack? Tell Mum, Dad nudges me. Cicadas, […]

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