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My Seven Lives by Agneša Kalinová | Friday Pick

My Seven Lives tells a story of 20th century Central Europe through the voice of Slovak journalist Agneša Kalinová.

The Night Circus | Review

  The Night Circus and Other Stories Short stories by Uršula Kovalyk Translated by Julia and Peter Sherwood Parthian Books     When I first moved to the former Eastern Bloc in the early 90s, distinguishing the beautiful from its […]

Richard Pupala

  A LION IN THE FOREST   A forest of beech trees in late April is as neat and tidy as a newly unwrapped present. Fresh tufts of grass have sprung from the earth, covering the layer of rotten leaves that had […]

Ádám Bodor

  REBI   I am still half-asleep in the early hours when I hear sirens approaching the farm and it occurs to me that it’s Rebi being brought home, since her highness felt obliged to attend to her herding duties […]

Daniel Majling

  Rushian Clashics   (an excerpt)   Introduction I first encountered Rushian clashics five years ago, at a time when much less was being written about this issue than today. A colleague who taught Russian language and literature at the […]

Agnesa Kalinova

  MY SEVEN LIVES   The second of three excerpts from Agneša Kalinová’s memoirs Agneša Kalinová in conversation with Jana Juráňová After the war, she married the writer Ján Ladislav Kalina (known as Laco) and went on to become a […]

Agnesa Kalinova

  MY SEVEN LIVES   (an excerpt) Agneša Kalinová in conversation with Jana Juráňová By 1939 the Slovak Republic had started to introduce repressive policies. What was its impact on your and your family’s everyday life? The Slovak parliament in […]

Pavel Vilikovsky

  FLEETING SNOW   (an excerpt)   Fleeting Snow A novel by Pavel Vilikovský Translated from the Slovak by Julia and Peter Sherwood Published by Istros Books         5.a Here’s the thing: it all started when I […]


  PAPER PLANES   The writer bought a literary magazine, leafed through it, and was gratified: he hadn’t submitted anything and none of his work had been published. A few weeks later the annual nominations for the national literary prize were announced: […]

Slovak Fiction Week: Into the Spotlight

    Into the Spotlight An anthology of Slovak fiction Translated from the Slovak by Magdalena Mullek and Julia Sherwood Published by Three String Books     TRY TO ASK even a very well-read English-speaking literary type to name a […]

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