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Anatoly Mariengof

  APHORISMS, ANECDOTES, AND OTHER LITERARY TRIFLES   Excessive pessimism is just as repugnant as excessive optimism: two identical idiots dressed in a different color – one black, the other pink. *** Bourgeois wisdom consists in this: that life must […]

Daniil Kharms

  IVAN YAKOVLIVICH ANTONOV’S CAREER   This thing had happened still before the revolution. One merchant woman yawned, and a cuckoo bird flew into her mouth. The merchant came running to the alarmed calls of his spouse and, immediately realizing […]

Daniil Kharms

  FOUR ILLUSTRATIONS OF HOW A NEW CONCEPT ASTOUNDS A PERSON WHO ISN’T READY FOR IT   WRITER: I am a writer! READER: Аnd I think you’re a piece of shit! (The writer stands there several minutes, stunned by this […]

Polina Barskova

  from RIDDLES           –Translated from Russian by Alex Cigale   Shivering, crawl under mushroom’s skirt, Pinching the dense, poisonous sponge cap, Or in sadness caress the fragile membranes Knowing the thing before you is gremlin-like. […]

Igor Sakhnovsky

    BAKHCHYSARAI ROSE   To the sacred memory of the poet Regina Derieva That September, in sweltering dusty Crimea, I was lonely and, more than ever in my life, free. You might even say I was completely happy, if […]

Katia Kapovich

  SOUP GAZPACHO   It would seem I had planned everything according to Hoyle: it’s Saturday, the supermarket is packed to the gills, the five cashier girls are busy like robots and don’t even have time to look up from […]

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