The Winter Issue | 2022

With our latest issue B O D Y goes even further in publishing writing in translation from all over Europe, featuring fiction, poetry, essays and interviews with writers from Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Croatia, Moldova, Catalonia and more.

Even some of the English-language writers presented in this issue reveal a more profound connection to international literature and settings. Welsh writer Alan Bilton discusses his novel The End of the Yellow House, which not only takes place in Russia but is heavily influenced by the Russian masters. There is also an excerpt of Duncan Robertson’s forthcoming novel Visegrad, set in an imaginary Central European country.

Since 2012 we have published translated poems by about 30 Czech poets. This issue will further enlarge our Czech poetry collection by featuring new poems by two talented poets, both appearing in English for the first time.

The Winter Issue will be coming out throughout February so keep your eyes peeled for some great new writing.

— The Editors

In this Issue:

Fiction by Marek Šindelka
Interview with Alan Bilton
Fiction by Elena Alexieva
Reviews of new translations in our Books in Brief
Poetry by Josef Kučera
An essay by Marina Porras
Poetry by Mark Scroggins
An interview with Tatiana Tîbuleac
Fiction by Duncan Robertson
Review of Dream of a Journey: Selected Poems by Kateřina Rudčenková
Fiction by Daša Drndić
Poetry by Nelly Sachs
Translating Nelly Sachs: An interview with Joshua Weiner
Michael Stein on My Seven Lives by Agneša Kalinová
Poetry by Tim Postovit
A review of Flight and Metamorphosis by Nelly Sachs

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