The Fall Issue | 2021

Summer here in the Northern Hemisphere is officially over. It’s been fantastic to enjoy the sunshine over the last few months (apologies to our readers in Scotland), but now the days are beginning to shorten, barbecue sets are being put back into storage, and the B O D Y editors are switching from cold glasses of Czech beer to single malt whisky.

As 2021 speeds towards its conclusion, we’re excited to share our harvest of incredible poems, stories, essays, and interviews gathered over the summer months. Enjoy the issue!

— The Editors

Fall 2021

In this issue:

Flash Fiction by Sarah Rose Haughn
Poetry by Sara Moore Wagner
Fiction by Petra Hůlová
Poetry by Patricia Zylius
Interview with Atomic Culture
Flash Fiction by Genta Nishku
Poetry by Radka Thea Otípková
Flash Fiction by Lucy Tunstall
Poetry by A. N. DeJesús
A review of Eileen Cleary’s 2 a.m. with Keats by Stephan Delbos
Poetry by Angela Topping
Flash Fiction by Zach Murphy
Poetry by Pavla Melková
Fiction by Paweł Sołtys
Books in Brief | Friday Pick
Poetry by Jessica Q. Stark
Poetry by Karel Šebek
Poetry by Eric Nelson
Fiction by Vratislav Kadlec
Poetry by M. Nasorri Pavone

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