The Winter Issue | 2021

B O D Y is pleased to present our inaugural 2021 Winter Issue, featuring poetry by Matthew Olzmann, Leanne Drapeau, Andrea Jurjević, Vítězslav Nezval, Sheila Dong, Stephen Scott Whitaker, Richard Jackson, Ondřej Buddeus, and Jeff Fallis; fiction by E.J. Schwartz, Pavol Rankov, and Julia Kissina; essays by Chris Crawford, Michael Stein, Burt Kimmelman, and Rob A. Mackenzie; reviews by Ailbhe Darcy, Michael Stein, and Stephan Delbos; and an interview with artist Khari Johnson-Ricks by Jessica Mensch. (You can find full list of issue contents is at the bottom of this post.)

Starting this year, B O D Y will be producing three triannual issues per year: a Winter Issue (January), a Spring Issue (May), and a Fall Issue (September). As always, we will keep our submissions open throughout the year, closing them only periodically when housekeeping is required. We are now reading for our Spring and Fall 2021 issues.

Since 2012, B O D Y has published the work of some of the most exciting, interesting and compelling poets, novelists, short story writers, and essayists writing today. Our goal has always been to discover new writers and feature their work alongside that of more established contemporaries.

This new approach will allow us to balance our editorial ambitions against the time constraints of our everyday lives, giving us more time to plan and collect good work for each issue, while increasing the space we need to carefully read and consider all the work we receive.

It will also allow us to concentrate more fully on submissions during the intervals, so that we can respond more quickly to each submission we receive — within days or weeks, rather than months — and also give our contributors and editors more time to work on the content we’ve accepted, giving each piece the attention deserves.

Each issue will be rolled out as usual, as this one was, with a new post appearing each day, so come back daily in May and September — and explore our archives in between — for great new poetry, stories, interviews and criticism from writers all over the world.

— The Editors

Winter 2021

In this issue:

A poem by Stephen Scott Whitaker
Flash fiction by E.J. Schwartz
A poem by Leanne Drapeau
A novel excerpt by Pavol Rankov
A review of Magnetized by Carlos Busqued
Two poems by Matthew Olzmann
Two poems by Andrea Jurjević
Flash fiction by Julia Kissina
A poem by Richard Jackson
Photo poems by Ondřej Buddeus
An essay by Michael Stein on Filippo Tommaso Marinetti
A poem by Vítězslav Nezval
A poem by Jeff Fallis
A review of Mark Terrill’s Great Balls of Doubt
Two poems by Sheila Dong
An essay by Christopher Crawford on Ray Bradbury’s “The Pedestrian”
An essay by Rob A. Mackenzie on the origins of Blue Diode Press
An interview with artist Khari Johnson-Ricks
A review of Wild Persistence by Katrina Naomi
An essay by Burt Kimmelman on Kent Johnson

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